Friday, April 20, 2007

The Mystery Driver?

So now that St. Patty's day has come and gone, the big question still remains...Who was the mystery driver of Bill Bassette's tractor?

The photos I've acquired don't give many clues, but he does have a striking resemblance to original guest driver, David (the cabana boy) Rachlis, who is currently consuming fruity drinks and sunning his buns in Florida.

When asked about the mystery driver, Bill said he was planning on driving the tractor that day himself, and was upset that he would not be able to assume his role as the "ass end" of the parade if he did. According to Bill, when the mystery man became aware of his dilemma, he immediately volunteered to drive the tractor for Bill and to humbly do his best to fill the shoes of the original guest driver.

The latest buzz around the land of Zion is...will the mystery man continue to take the place of the Original guest driver and ride Bill's tractor in the 4th of July parade? Or will the Original guest driver make a surprise visit, to reclaim his rightful throne?

It appears, for now, that the identity of the driver will remain a mystery. But my investigation into this matter will not stop, and I will not rest until we know who this man is.